PHP classifieds script

PHP classifieds script

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Key Features

  • Custom Fields (Create your own Classified Ads, Auto Deals Classified, Real Estate Classified, Directory Listings or Jobs Portal websites)
  • Clean and Modern Design
  • Fully Responsive (also in Admin panel)
  • Geo location supported
  • Users, Roles and Permissions System (ACL) integrated in the Admin panel
  • PayPal Integrated
  • Google Adsense integrated
  • Google Maps integrated
  • CMS for Static pages (Create pages like: About Us, FAQ, Terms & Privacy, etc.)
  • Contact page (Contact form & Google maps)
  • SEO optimized
  • Plans/Packages (for Premium Ads)
  • Front End Listing Submission
  • Easy to use. Only 2 minutes to install it.
  • and much more..

System Requirement

  • PHP 5.6 to 7.2
  • Apache2 Web server with mod_rewrite enabled
  • 1 empty Mysql database
  • Source guardian loader installed

About this product

We are offering a php classified ads script.

100% open source for easy and quick modifications.

You have options available,

You can use as almost any web directory script,

Be that motorcycles, cars, furniture, jobs, and any other listing idea you may have.

We can help get you up and running within 48 hours.

If you go hosted you do not need to do anything after purchase(We do it all).

You can also have it on your own server, All you need i php 5.6+ mysql server and apache2 server.

You host can be vps or even a shared host will be good enough.

 cd /usr/src/
 mkdir loader
 cd loader

Download Loader

sudo wget

Extract Loaders

tar vxf loaders.linux-x86_64.tar.gz

Get PHP extention directory

sudo apt-get install php-dev 
php-config --extension-dir

Coppy correct loader to php extension directory

sudo cp ixed.7.0.lin /usr/lib/php/20151012
Replace /usr/lib/php/20151012 with the directory displayed

Create php mod

php-config --extension-dir
sudo nano /etc/php/7.0/mods-available/sourceguardian.ini

paste this into your ssh

Replace /usr/lib/php/20151012/ with directory 

Enable source guardian

phpenmod sourceguardian

Restart Apache

sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

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