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More info on ministra billing portal

Our ministar billing portal works with stalker portal or ministra server.


Our custom built api manages ministra user accounts with automatic deactivate of expired accounts.


You will have a reseller panel where you can allow your resellers to create their own mag or stb accounts.


You can also create super resellers, super reselles can create their own resellers and give their credits top the new reseller.


When super resellers create resellers they will need to have enough credits to give to the new reseller.


Credits are automatically deducted from account when creating a reseller.

Credit Plans

You create your credit plans in portal.


You set the cost of credits to add new devices.


You could say 1 credit for 1 month or 5 credits for 6 months


Mag devices are automatically deactivated when it expires.


To reactivate account they will be charged the credits again.


Unlike other billing portals, you get unlimited users, resellers and super resellers.